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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Federal appeals court holds workers can’t be fired for being gay

It is hard, especially in these times, to be optimistic, but it helps to look long term. Now, in lopsided votes, appeals courts are starting to see discrimination against gays as "sex" discrimination. Others are using such laws to protect trans, though this is more in its infancy (if going on for a few years). Judge Posner's concurrence on how words gain meaning over time, including statutory terms, is also good stuff. Subtweet to Scalia? How about Gorsuch?!

And Also: Really depressing how once on fence Rick Hasen has the passion of a convert (especially on Twitter, where he keeps on citing his case & minimizing the other side, including as "catharsis") on Gorsuch. Relying on Republicans to be moderate later? Meanwhile, he keeps on tweeting how horrible Gorsuch is. So, let's enable Republicans based on hopes and dreams of the future full with maybes! Moved from "respectfully disagree" to "oh shut up!"

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