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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Various actions in Judge Gorsuch's first week at oral arguments, including this order in the ongoing Arkansas death penalty drama which might be the first thing he formally took part in. Didn't take part in various orders and decisions (only one somewhat notable to me) handed down. Today was a very well moot religious liberty case that the Supremes might reach out to decide. Eh. I'm with Sotomayor. Finally, this doesn't bode well ala Gorsuch. And, Emoluments.

Update: The Arkansas drama continues, even if one person was executed after the Supreme Court rejected a stay 5-4. Doubtful the guy is innocent [but see], but the process, as Sotomayor/Breyer noted in dissent, was a mess. Due process reasons again. Unconstitutional and bad policy. ETA: NYT might have questionable political coverage at times, but some of their commentary (and entertainment/etc. coverage) is pretty good, including this.

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