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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Split Sixth Circuit panel uphold injunction blocking Ohio lethal injection protocol

Best in cases like these to admit limitations in re factual allegations, but does just involve deeming a district judge's holding action decision reasonable. Of special note to me is the concurrence that eloquently discusses the "national conversation" regarding the death penalty, including how it affects obtaining drugs. The dissent opens with the facts of the crime. Remember, only the right sticks with the law as compared to empathy and policy.

And Also: The "nuclear option" invoked to end cloture on Gorsuch (ultimately 52-48, strict party lines), an attempt to delay things to after the two week break rejected. If fake moderates cared instead just being Republican tools, they might have accepted at least that. Gorsuch final vote due Friday, in time for end of term. "Justice" Deplorable.

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