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Monday, June 12, 2017


Still waiting on decisions regarding taking certain cases, but had a per curiam regarding geriatric release (and parole for juvenile offenders). Not sure the point of such pinpoint error correction. Important gender rights opinion (cites SSM cases/Alito and Thomas concurred separately) though party loses out for now in the end. It's an immigration case so query if usage of constitutional principle there (six votes at that) helps the travel ban challenges? One other opinion of note basically because (Golly! how folksy!) it's Gorsuch's first.

ETA: It's not exactly as exciting for many, but SCOTUS seems to be dealing with intellectual property issues in various cases of late and took a significant one for review. As to the immigration decision comment, the provision is differentiated from congressional “exceptionally broad power” to admit or exclude aliens. But, rational basis still must be met. OTOH, the litigant might still get relief though others might be hurt for time being.

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