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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Here's Lilly

I received this book free pursuant to Book Sneeze in return for a review.

This is a pleasant book for young teens, perhaps, regarding the trials and tribulations of six grader Lily.  It is part of the "young women of faith" series, though it is not "faith" heavy or anything.  Many books, including those for children and young adults, have a moral to them and are acceptable for general audiences.  I think this book too has the possibility to be enjoyed by the general public, not just "faith" based readers.  The parents tell her to respect God's place in modeling (she learns some things in the end: "I didn't learn it in church. I learned it in modeling school."), for instance, but someone else could use somewhat different language to get to the same place. 

It is a quick read -- about 140 pages -- and has a good amount of action. She interacts with her friends, family and dealing with a boy.  She learns some things, including the possibility of misunderstanding others.  The importance of family, friendship and being yourself are all promoted.  She gets through various little trials, such as a kitchen mishap.  The business about the husband/father helping out while the mom is busy is also appreciated.  Some might have mixed feelings about modeling in general, but it all works out well in the end. 

The writing is pretty good overall, fairly descriptive and the story introduces you to the action and characters from page one.  Colorful cover photo -- no need to judge a book by its cover, but who doesn't a little bit?  I would recommend this for young readers and give it three stars.