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Monday, July 04, 2011

The Coming Revolution?

This is a review of the book The Coming Revolution Signs from America's Past That Signal Our Nation's Future By Dr. Richard Lee, which I received from Book Sneeze in return for providing a review for my blog and a major book selling website.

I chose the book because of an interest in American history and how people interpret its meaning. The book uses an expansive look at the Founding of the U.S. to provide a warning to the problems of today. The problems can be summarized as the lack of religious spirit, the lack of patriotism taught in schools, and the breakdown of the traditional family unit. It is one of those books that promotes the idea that a rightful understanding of our history can be a guide to how to live today. Of course, this results in various views of just what our history means and this is no different in that respect. Overall, on that front, I am not convinced. A selective reading can get you to the conservative place this book wants you to go, but a full-fledged one does not. What "is" is not the same as what allegedly "ought."

The perilous of the approach is suggested by one review: "I would have also liked to have seen the author show a little more non-bias in his recounting of history, which I believe will lead to most non-believers disavowing this book very early on." This from someone who (unlike I) shares its overall point of view. I guess it might be useful to understand what a true believer thinks. Acceptable on that level though if you actually want a historical account, not a moral one, I suggest you go elsewhere. 

Two stars.