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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grant: Savior of the Union

This work is being reviewed pursuant to the Book Sneeze service wherein it provides to people free books in return for an honest independent review of the books provided.

Grant: Savior of the Union reminds me of a collection of biographies of American presidents -- it is only about two hundred pages, in no way can be said to be a comprehensive biography of the subject and the source material (and maps) will not be found in much detail here.  As to editing issues, well, I can understand why one reviewer didn't care for that. But, I admit to not picking that up in my quick read.  On the other hand, my failure to stop and closely read the account suggests the limits of the volume.  It provides the basics but seems to be more a young adult level biography than an overly worthwhile account even as a summary volume. The collection of presidential biographies volume is recommended for those who wish for a brief biography on this man.

The book is okay and the man himself had an exciting enough life that even the limitations of this volume will not the reader from being impressed.  A preliminary statement states that the book does not wish to glorify the subject.  This is appreciated and it appears to be fulfilled by this account of this imperfect individual (such as his limits as an executive during his presidency, various scandals occurring).  But, the same can be say about this volume -- I think another star might be warranted if it was intended for young adults or new readers.  For adults looking for a biography of Grant, it looks good on the outside, but a bit too slim inside.  Too bland and not enough insights.

Two stars.