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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need

Isn't life a bunch of "WTF" moments? Don't know about that subtitle, but this manga style book is worth a read all the same. The outline:
1- "There is no plan."
2- "Think strengths, not weaknesses."
3- "It's not about you."
4- "Persistence trumps talent."
5- "Make excellent mistakes."
6- "Leave an imprint."
I don't read much of this sort of stuff, but if it isn't "novel," it still packs some informative stuff in an accessible format. And, I too agree with Diana when she says that “this isn’t just career advice, guys. In some ways, this is what it means to be alive.” After all, the "career" need not be business; even life counts.

Overall, I like the graphic novel format. I even read one of Pride and Prejudice as part of my Jane Austen period last year. One on the health care law (I'm sooooo tired of people talking about the lawsuits ... six hours of this stuff next week ... sheesh*) is on my list. The illustrator of this one illustrated a fictional one (Lost Girl) that also looks good. There is a sci fi t.v. series by that name too. And, a D.H. Lawrence novel.


* Partially because I think the other side is so  lame.  One comment underlined the point by referring to a two hundred year old case that showed the connection between having insurance and protecting interstate commerce.