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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Camera in the Courtroom

I support the cause, especially the bipartisan nature, but might be biting too much to chew. How about starting with decision days or some such? What is the problem there? Or, a suggestion or requirement to test it out for a few cases?


JackD said...

I don't like it in the trial courts because I do think it can intimidate witnesses and encourage grandstanding by lawyers and courtroom personnel. The same objections do not apply to appellate courts where all involved are likely to be grandstanding anyway.

Joe said...

Ironically, it is trial courts where they have been in place so much for years. The concern was raised for years -- Inherit The Wind suggested the possible effects of RADIO.

jackD said...

Sorry; just picked up your response. Back in the day, radio was the equivalent of TV; it was a place on which to be noticed. That always reminds me (being noticed) of the bandarlag in Rudyard Kipling's "The JungleBook". The bandarlag was a bunch of silly monkeys who swung through the canopy trying to get the "big" animals on the jungle floor to notice them. They also had a practice (with its obvious analogs today) of making some outrageous claim and then chanting, "it's so, it's so, it must be so; we all say so, so it must be so.".

Joe said...

Yup. Reminds me of a good show back in the '90s, Remember WENN about old time radio. It was on AMC, before "American Movie Classics" meant (great timing) showing films like Death Wish V last Sat.

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