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Monday, December 15, 2014

Scalia/Kagan Watch (Ginsburg Jealous?)

And Also: In the world of football, local teams beat subpar opponents (the NYG showed already this is not a gimme -- see Jaguars game ... this time, they still had to win from behind, but sealed it in the Second Half)  though it took something for the Jets to win. An unsportsmanlike extended the drive that clinched it though the Titans were given one second more at the end of the game and nearly hook and lateraled it home.

Given this hurt the Jets in the "picks" race, not only some Titan fans were upset about this result.  Only works against Buffalo, perhaps, who today upset the Packers.  Ex-Jets QB lost last night to hurt the Eagles playoff chances. If New Orleans loses to the Bears tonight, the Panthers (using a back-up now) will actually lead the NFC South.  On their second (third?) back-up, especially given how Seattle is playing, Arizona is hanging on to first place with their fingernails.  Did clinch a playoff spot yesterday. 
Though Scalia generally sides with conservatives on the court and Kagan generally sides with liberals, the two have built a friendship around hunting. Kagan has said that during her confirmation process, she received many questions about hunting and asked Scalia to teach her. Kagan said during a talk at Princeton University in November that she and Scalia would come to Mississippi in December, in part, to hunt ducks.
Yes.  On the live blog over at SCOTUSBlog, we were informed that they were present for today's session/opinion announcements, but it was noted that hunting wasn't the reason.  This report suggests that even if they aren't hunting today specifically, it still is part of their trip.  I'm more a favor of Scalia and Ginsburg's love of opera than a means for Kagan to chuckle at public events over Scalia/Kagan's love of shooting defenseless animals. Not a fan of arming the ducks, mind you, though it might be more sporting. Or, perhaps, only really intelligent ones -- trying to hunt Bugs Bunny shows in that respect that there is at least a real sporting chance. 

Scalia wrote the dissent (which Kagan et. al. joined) in the jurisdictional dispute but did not deem it so important to be one of those rare cases where you announce/read it from the bench.  Kagan/Ginsburg, to add a bit, wrote a brief concurrence to the 4A ruling, highlighting in part that a reasonable mistake regarding an opaque traffic law doesn't mean police have no limits here. Meanwhile, a per curiam decree regarding a boundary dispute was released as well. 

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