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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Colony in a Nation

The basics of this quick reading book whose core can be explained in a long form article is duly noted. IOW, choir/speaking. Some segments are of particular interest, including arguing the American Revolution was a result of the sort of "police state" in the "colony" now. And, the predatory fine system also dealt with by John Oliver. My own neighborhood is cited; bit out of the loop and Hayes' is a bit younger, but don't recall usage of the "n" word. Some references to a white "colony" of sorts suggests a possible sequel. The suggestion that some degree of hassling and the like is necessary for freedom is problematic. Would women accept that? A police state is not the alternative, but still. Book ends on such a conflicted note.

ETA: Notable thing is that Hayes makes the book personal, puts himself into the debate, including in that conclusion. Also, his talk of order v. safety. Overall, even matters progressives might generally deem familiar are expressed in impressive ways.

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