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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A United Kingdom

Based on a real life story of a prince from Botswana studying in 1940s UK falls in love with a white woman, causing various political and personal issues. Since it was directed by the person behind Belle, which stretched history in various respects, would like to learn more of the real life backstory. As to the film, good sense of place and good performances (stereotypical heavies lame), but like noted here, something is missing. Romance a bit too quick but key is that it doesn't have enough complexity to make it great. Still, appealing film.

ETA: To give an example, early on, the wife is challenged as an interloper but soon she is accepted. The hissable British representative is again a tad over the top. We can idealize the situation here but it was pretty complicated stuff the requires dramatic nuance.

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