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Monday, June 19, 2017

SCOTUS Watch (Part 1)

Busy day. First, good discussion -- with many reasons -- supporting cameras. Second, important partisan gerrymander case to be decided (though again, four justices dissent as to a stay and don't say why!), which some are saying means Kennedy will stick around. Sotomayor continues to go her own way to support liberal jurisdiction rules. First dissenting vote to written opinion by Gorsuch perfectly expected (criminal justice). (His first opinion challenged on style and substance here.) Another error correction per curiam. Pithy first paragraph makes me think Roberts wrote it. OTOH, not quite this good. 1A next.

ETA: Also, a "Bivens" case involving post-9/11 treatment that was a destined to be a lost cause with Sotomayor and Kagan was not involved. Breyer dissented from bench in 4-2 (3-1-2) restriction of civil litigation. One claim left open for now. See here for analysis, including my comment on Breyer's oral dissent. Will foreclose citing them but other opinions will be discussed in depth various places too. More opinions on Thursday.

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