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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

SCOTUS Watch: Betting Edition

Oral arguments are over and we are getting to crunch time regarding Supreme Court opinions though they seem to be a bit behind schedule. A handful of opinions were handed down yesterday with the most notable involving sports betting. Others are somewhat interesting (e.g., privacy of those who borrow rental cars), but ultimately are narrow in scope.

As seen on the SCOTUSBlog case page, federalism precedent does not compel the suggestion that the law is unconstitutional. But, it seemed obvious to the majority (Kagan went along; three justices thought the law could be saved by cutting off the "bad" part). Net, sports betting is opened though in theory Congress could pass a new law advancing the same end. The result seems ideal to some liberals since it might restrain Trump actions but in the future it might hurt when sane people are in power. So watch out there.

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