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Monday, September 17, 2018


A new SCOTUS term is rapidly approaching though things continue to happen, including a "because I say so" Saturday order by CJ Roberts and Kavanaugh's accuser outing herself, particularly as the media was about to do so anyway. On that front, it is a mess, but for perhaps somewhat different reasons, Sen. McConnell warned Trump to nominate someone else. I rather this not be the reason to oppose him but along with his prevaricating about Kozinski, there needs to be better responses in this #MeToo era. Overall, people have bad things in their past, though it's better if they are honest about their record. OTOH, this is a SCOTUS nomination, not a criminal trial. Committee vote scheduled later this week.

Update: The full Court has denied a stay (without saying why) thus Roberts' (ditto) stay was vacated. As Election Law blog guy basically expected. Roberts is concerned about the Court's image and people were suspicious of his motives regarding the original stay. More reason to explain oneself. There are so view single orders. Can't they flesh out a bit why they acted?

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