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Monday, June 10, 2019

SCOTUS Watch: zzzzz

SCOTUS is shoving twenty-four opinions in the last two weeks, which is asinine (Alito only wrote two opinions so far. Yeah.) Today dealt with three low drama cases (as a footnote, Sotomayor wrote for the conservatives vs. liberals in a statutory case). Orders also low drama. Somewhat interesting, but not that notable, grants. Breyer with a good statement regarding it being about time to deal with the open-ended detention of enemy combatants under an over fifteen year old AUMF. Meanwhile, in the Kavanaugh supporter sweepstakes.

ETA: RBG posted her usual end of term remarks as 2CA justice. Some talked about all the "hints" in it, but don't see that many myself. Upcoming closely divided cases at the end of June is not much of one. Her census case summary is a bit bitey.

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