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Saturday, October 02, 2010

A model for conservatives?

In the end, this is a valuable account. Hezbollah has found a supple and sophisticated extremist formula — the combination of social services, an aura of incorruptability, jihad and inspiration — that can and may well be replicated throughout the region. It also represents an alternative value system, popular and horrifying, to the freedom proselytized as “God’s gift to humanity” by George W. Bush. As such, Hezbollah, sadly, may prove over time to be the strongest indigenous response to the colonial hubris visited upon the Middle East by Western powers since the end of World War I.

-- Book Review
It is a good m.o. and trying to suppress them without providing an adequate replacement is folly. I also can understand if some conservative entity in this country (see, e.g., here) impresses people, even if I find their ideology dubious (at best). In fact, another article in today's paper showed this in regard to the head of Hezbollah itself. This also works for progressives trying to get a foothold in conservative areas. Being a blue dog tool is not the only path. The poisonous ideology (if one that is bent in certain cases) is still there, sure, but the "tool" part is unnecessary.*

But, repeatedly, I shake my head because this isn't the case. Do people SERIOUSLY want to replace Pelosi (a totally credible Speaker, if someone you can oppose on ideology) with the current alternative? I mean someone even halfway neutral about the politics of it all? Efficiency alone is lacking there. Must be that drink sand thing that was referenced about desperate people in American President. The need also suggests progressives (and greens and whomever) should work at it too, there being various cases where some seat is open with the right person and approach. Some token loser or dubious Tea Party style extremist is not the only approach here on either side.

Meanwhile, the co-writer of a book on red/blue America, Naomi Cahn, previously wrote Test Tube Families: Why the Fertility Market Needs Legal Regulation. It does a decent job covering the subject, but it is a bit hard going for the general reader. Still, it is not written in such a way only some specialist could appreciate. Bottom line, a rich area for research and legislation, plus an area where the courts have a very important role as well. Worthwhile middle of the road approach here.


* I'll make a FNL reference. The charm of Tim Riggins is suggested by a scene where Becky is blabbering on about true love. He tells her to shut up, but not in a mean way, adding "please" to it.