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Thursday, November 23, 2017


The basic idea of Thanksgiving is not purely our own (e.g., can find references to days of thanksgiving in the Bible) though we have specific things that are including the whole origin story that like myths tend to be has some truth, some fantasy. The whole pardon turkeys, even without Trump needing to take a potshot at Obama [link would be redundant], continues to be asinine. Many really don't like turkey anyhow. Needing to work tonight, I'm sympathetic. Okay with limited hours today, if holiday pay and flex time exists.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

More Concern = More Need For Nuanced Responses

There has been a slew of accounts of sexual abuse of some sort (including a "#MeToo" campaign) and the Al Franken news suggests a need to balance accounts, some from some time back. For instance, he apologized for the photo, and it was wrong (and stupid), but a crude pose is different than groping her while asleep. Ditto the dispute over the bit. This includes looking at his history as a whole as well as other accounts including things said behind the scenes. Cf. Roy Moore. Or, various celebrity wrongdoers. A few "got to resign" comments lack perspective. Wrong doesn't mean a "nuclear option" response in each case.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Jets Suck, Giants Suck Much More

So, it has been an f-ing year. Anyways, Jets reminded people they are not good by losing to another not good team and the Giants reminded people they really suck by losing in sad fashion to a zero win team. Few days back a retired ball player died in solo flight. Years back, that happened to my uncle (by marriage). Find it easy to find connections these days, including in some fashion in personal life. Surely have my Trump family member(s) to bear.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

2017 Elections

Democrat won in NJ governor's race, so the U.S. senator trial [jury contemplating now] a lot less stressful. The VA governor race, which many worried about, went well with House control up in the air based on a few nail-biters. Multiple trans people won nation-wide. Medicaid expansion in Maine. A progressive activist won a Philly DA race. Meanwhile, sanity in Notre Dame regarding birth control coverage. Roy Moore race next month!

NYC Votes

Low turnout in NYC, but tbh a bunch of low stress races here. In the 13th District, the second place winner in the primary got a decent protest vote even with all those MG campaign posters (god -- such overkill). I was actually supportive of a constitutional convention, but big loss there. Forest set-aside won narrowly; public official penalty measure unsurprisingly passed by a large margin. I wrote a bunch of write-in names for the "who are these people" judicial races. Continue to find that inane. Voting easy but no receipts.

Monday, November 06, 2017

SCOTUS Watch: Shadow Docket Time

Before possible full opinions, SCOTUS handed down two per curiams that amounted to more "shadow docket" AEDPA error correction, three liberal justices speaking separately to note on the merits the death penalty case has some juice. The potshot [comments] at one judge being involved in multiple cases is telling: out of probably thousands of cases, her popping up repeatedly is damn curious. As to AEDPA, one problem here is that it limits development of the issues, which might raise constitutional problems regarding the role of the lower federal courts [state courts still can decide] to flesh out the few cases SCOTUS decides.

ETA: A brief authored unanimous technical opinion was handed down. Oyez.com has opinion announcements up; Trinity Lutheran and Ziglar has strong dissents from the bench. This stuff should be on its own website.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Sports Update

Last two games of the World Series were something of a disappointment (Chase Utley gets hit on the foot and it leads to enough for Verlander to lose, Astros go ahead 5 early and Dodgers offense blows various chances) but nice ending. This includes the young shortstop's marriage proposal to the beauty queen. Jets, after three annoying losses, dominate on Thursday vs. Bills. Optimist says four wins okay; others say they should have one at least one more. Giants off. Killer injury to Texans QB day after WS win. Had your moment Houston.

And Also: About Abortion had some interesting aspects but plodding/predictable style. Eh.