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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Texas Executes Cop Killer Who Sought Death Over Lawyer's Objection

USSC denied a stay request (Ginsburg/Sotomayor dissenting on limited grounds) and Daniel Lopez was executed over the opposition of his lawyer. He was under 30 and wanted to die but there was some question of his mental state. Troublesome case though if he was mentally fit it would be a sane choice. But, if the state didn't have the power as applied here, still would have been wrong. RBG/Breyer still provided no statement per them saying the death penalty itself is probably unconstitutional. They blithely let executions go forward.

And Also: Two things. The lawyer in part argues his act wasn't death eliglible. Also, a desired organ donation was complicated by the drug used. One more reason for firing squads?

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